Black Lives Matter

I had thought we were starting to move in the direction of that now hackneyed phrase ‘the new normal’, albeit with the smallest of baby steps, then the terrible events of Monday in the US unfolded.

George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight in the most callous way imaginable, suffocated by a police officer while begging for his life. Whatever his background, whatever he’d allegedly done, no civilised society should countenance such behaviour from its officials. There is so much justifiable rage spilling over right now and really it’s not about George Floyd, or even Breonna Taylor, the emergency medical technician on the front line of fighting the pandemic, fatally shot eight times back in March while sleeping, by officers who forced their way into her apartment. Their deaths were the catalyst that ignited the anger for sure, but it’s about so much more… generations of oppression; 400 years of unfairness and discrimination, and it ties in directly with the pandemic as black and ethnic minorities have been both disproportionately infected and killed by the virus. There are so many reasons for this, and this blog is not the right place to offer discussion or opinion but I felt I could not let it pass without comment. I do not have the same life experiences as my black colleagues and friends, but I am educating myself, and will stand with them. I will stand with you. Black lives matter.

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