Today we’ve been fitted out for PPE and have been trained in robust safety procedures including staff temperature logs. I’ve ordered scrubs because most of my suits are dry-clean only and I’ll feel better if I can wash everything daily. Quite how and when ‘routine’ eye examinations will be allowed I don’t know. At the moment the one clinical member of staff in the practice is restricted to ’emergency and essential’ work only, though what ‘essential’ is has no clear definition either. There isn’t much in the way of guidance from the British College or the AOP, but I’m guessing that they are waiting for guidance from the government. We are all signed up to CUES though, the Covid Urgent Eye-care Scheme.

Everything feels so fragile right now, like the world is balancing on a knife edge. My ten-year-old has gone from asking ‘When will things go back to normal?’ to ‘Will normal ever happen again?’ Currently I have no satisfactory answer.

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