No Fanfare!

I have a completed essay. I’ve run it by two IP-qualified friends who both said very nice things about it. It’s 4.5 sides of A4, plus references so I’m 30% over the 3 sides of A4 suggested but I have been as economical as I can while still answering the question. I’m actually quietly proud of my efforts. We’ll now see whether that pride is misplaced. Back in a sec…

OK…I hit the submission button for all four of the final assigments for this module. I feel this deserved little fanfare, some digital fireworks and a ‘CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR ASSIGNMENTS SUCCESSFULLY, ON TIME, NOW GO AND HAVE A LARGE GIN AND TONIC AND A NICE BATH’ notification. I expected a ‘PING – your assigmment has been successfully uploaded‘ notification at the very least, but as seems to be the case with all Aston communications the reality was ambiguous! The fact there wasn’t an error message is the best that can be said for the system, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

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