One down…

There is A LOT to learn… masses…heaps…mountains. It’s all so interesting too. I just wish I had 12 months rather than four! And it’s not even four months (as advertised). We only have until 17th Jan to get all the assignments in. Aston really have to work on their communication skills!

But…I have my first case record! She phoned the practice today. She’s a referral I made in early March 19. Suspected new and active Ocular Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid, the first I’d seen in my entire career. I’d referred her through the secure Ophthalmologist email service, so I’d taken dozens of photographs. After intial treatment locally she’d eventually been referred to a larger centre for a biopsy and was ringing to confirm her diagnosis with us. I rather hope I sounded empathetic and not super excited as I pumped her for every last detail of her drug regime and casually asked if she’d mind if I wrote up her record (anonymously of course) for an examination I was taking. She was more than happy to be of help and told me to phone her if I needed more information, which was very kind. The best thing about this case record for me was that one of the differential diagnoses of the rare OcMMP is the more common pseudopemphigoid. This is almost solely caused by a reaction to topical medication, most commonly glaucoma medication. As the module is heavily weighted towards to glaucoma and the associated medications this is a useful feature of the disease.

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