Room for two…

Still ploughing through all the course work and MCQs. I really don’t feel I’m making any headway, and as with the previous module all the MCQs together only make up 10% of the total marks for the module. It’s tempting to start writing up the case records but I really want to get to the end drawing out those areas which fit in with my chosen case records.

But in other news case record number two showed up today, unannounced. The Gods of Optometry smiled down on me. I referred her last year for suspected low tension glaucoma and she’s been under consultant care since. She showed up today because she’s stopped using her glaucoma meds due to side effects, but was too anxious to admit this to the consultant! I have detailed photos, OCT records, field plots and follow up letters from the consultant…and now side effects! Two down, one to go.

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